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Office Wall Art: Is Your Corporate Art Sending the Right Message?

July 12, 2024
office art on canvas

Art has the ability to alter moods and talk to you. It has been scientifically proven that our physical surroundings affect our emotional state. High quality business art is an untapped resource that you can use to your advantage, especially if you are working with high end clients with cultured tastes and selling an expensive service or product.

Cheap canvas prints are noticeably different from archival art prints, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your clients will not notice. Would you rather sit in a squeaky, uncomfortable chair while you wait for an appointment, or a supportive, leather armchair? What kind of mood would it evoke? What if your day had already been a series of stressful events?

A client’s experience in your office and halls will affect the quality of your interactions with them, so don’t skimp on customer experience. In this case, strategically place photographic prints in their immediate surroundings including hallways, conference rooms and waiting rooms.

Art in the Workplace: Where to Start

Corporate art can be a challenging endeavor. You want your gallery walls to reflect the spirit and vibe of your business, yet coordinate with other decor (as well as avoid too much controversy). You also want art in offices to create feelings of security and peace, because this is hopefully what you intend to provide with your services. Here are a few things to ask when choosing your workplace wall art:

  • Do you need large format canvas prints, or will standard sizes suffice?
  • What colors, shapes and metaphors complement your company identity, such as your logo?
  • Is there a corporate color scheme already in place, and might it change?
    Are there ways to support other local businesses in choosing your artwork?
  • Would archival paper, such as semi-gloss, enhanced matte, textured watercolor, or metallic photo paper be appropriate, or would canvas, such as Breathing Color (the highest quality canvas available), be more appropriate?
  • How will your artwork be mounted (canvas that has been gallery wrapped, or mounted in a floating frame)?

Example: Hospitality and Resort Art

For a resort art gallery, choose prints that evoke a sense of calm, yet suggest excitement! In a hotel art gallery in a beach/resort town such as Wilmington, NC, wall art that shows artistic interpretations of local landmarks (the Memorial Bridge downtown) and cuisine (Wilmington, NC is known for its local seafood such as shrimp, oysters, and blue crabs) can be eye catching and stimulating. They might even spark a conversation that leads to a discussion with a concierge about local favorite restaurants and attractions.

Giclee prints can also be an affordable way to showcase local artists. Some hotels and motels even offer fine art prints for sale.

Good customer experience leads to great reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google. The savvy customer always notices these, and this alone can make or break a business these days—especially in the service industry.

Where Can I Find Fine Art Printing Near Me?

The internet is a vast pool of mediocrity when it comes to archival quality fine art reproduction. Be sure to do your research and choose a company such as Canvas Giclee Printing that already works successfully with local artists and photographers. Ask higher-end offices, and they’re usually happy to share where they have their giclee prints made, because they’re quite proud of them!

Your initial investment may be higher due to the quality of the canvas, paper, and inks used, but cheap canvas prints look cheap, and fade prematurely, unlike archival quality canvas prints. In many ways, fine art giclee printing services pay for themselves over time, because these prints hold their value and will not degrade.

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