Custom Canvas Printing

As a leading custom canvas printing company, we cater to the needs of professional photographers and artists through our print reproduction service. We are the epitome of excellence in creating photo and fine art custom canvas prints. Our team is comprised of creative individuals and artists themselves, so we fully understand the needs of our fellow artists. Professional Photographer and CEO, Joshua McClure, started this company on the foundation that the raw talent and imagination of an artist be transferred in its truest form to a canvas medium through the act of digital canvas printing. Our museum quality custom canvas prints are created from your artistic eye, made from high quality raw materials and assembled by skilled craftsman. Thus they are professional and sophisticated representations of your art work. One reason we stand out as a leading custom printing company is the high quality products we use to assemble the prints. Our custom canvas prints are designed to last over 100 years. They are strong and durable products that withstand the test of time.

canvas prints

Canvas:  We use Urth canvas, the world’s first solvent canvas with archival certification by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Manufactured by the leading canvas supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, Breathing Color® uses breakthrough technology of agent-free Fluorescent Whitening and Chromata white to create a canvas free of optical brighteners while still producing canvas prints with bright whites and true vivid colors that will not fade or yellow over time. It is important to be aware that most prints are created with canvas that has optica