Custom Canvas Printing

We Provide Exceptional Custom Canvas Prints Crafted with Artistic Precision and Longevity

As a leading custom canvas printing company, we cater to the needs of professional photographers and artists through our print reproduction service. We are the epitome of excellence in creating photo and fine art custom canvas prints. Our team is comprised of creative individuals and artists themselves, so we fully understand the needs of our fellow artists. Professional Photographer and CEO, Joshua McClure, started this company on the foundation that the raw talent and imagination of an artist be transferred in its truest form to a canvas medium through the act of digital canvas printing. Our museum quality custom canvas prints are created from your artistic eye, made from high quality raw materials, and assembled by skilled craftsman. Thus, they are professional and sophisticated representations of your artwork. One reason we stand out as a leading custom printing company is the high-quality products, we use to assemble the prints. Our custom canvas prints are designed to last over one hundred years. They are strong and durable products that withstand the test of time.

Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas: We use Urth canvas, the world’s first solvent canvas with archival certification by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Manufactured by the leading canvas supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, Breathing Color® uses breakthrough technology of agent-free Fluorescent Whitening and Chromata white to create a canvas free of optical brighteners while still producing canvas prints with bright whites and true vivid colors that will not fade or yellow over time. It is important to be aware that most prints are created with canvas that has optical brighteners, OBAs. This creates a pleasing print initially but with a false brightness. These prints will FADE over time and yellow if exposed to direct sunlight. With OBA-free Urth canvas, your print can hang in direct sunlight and will remain fade resistant and as beautiful as it was the day it was printed. The canvas has a built-in coating which makes it moisture, UV protected and abrasion resistant. The canvas is durable enough to withstand cleaning by taking a damp cloth to the surface to remove dust.

Inks: We use UltraChrome GS3 HD inks, which have a wide & rich color gamut range. This allows us to match the exact color fidelity of your original photography and artwork. The inks are sprayed upon canvas, hence the “giclee application,” with extreme detail and vibrancy, thus creating a stunningly sharp image. Tested by Wilhelm Research, these lightfast, archival inks are designed to last 100+ years. In giclee printing, when an ink is called lightfast, it means it can withstand exposure to direct sun light and resist fading.

Wood: The wood used to create the stretcher bars for your prints is made from poplar trees, which have extreme strength and stability. The grain in poplar wood is straight and fine making it manipulable for uniform cuts when building any custom size stretcher bars.

We offer the highest quality custom canvas and paper prints on the market. From the raw materials used to produce the canvas print, to our qualified craftsman who assembles the print, you are receiving a product of elegance and perfection. Our canvas, inks, wood and Epson printers are designed to create a timeless and stunning product.

You have the ability to expand your inventory because we offer a variety of standard and custom sizes. If you have an image that falls out of the standard aspect ratios, we are capable of printing that exact size and building frames specially to fit your custom print. If you send us an image that will not naturally conform to a desired aspect ratio, we are able to work with that image by cropping it to your specifications. From mini size prints to extra large canvas prints our Epson Surecolor S80600’s, P9570 series and Epson 9900’s print at astounding resolutions of 1440 ppi. Thus achieving a flawless, grain-free image (of course this depends on the resolution and quality of the files you provide us).

These high quality custom canvas prints are offered at affordable pricing. When shopping online for canvas printing companies, you may notice that many of these companies publish deep discounts from 70 to 90 percent. These deep discounts can be misleading, as their normal prices are jacked sky high in order to advertise these high discounts. Also remember the old adage, which truly pertains to this industry, “You get what you pay for!”

Your first experience with us will be interacting with our highly trained staff. We value developing a relationship with our customers and we understand the importance of communication and customer service. Our friendly printing staff will interface with you to develop your vision for your custom canvas prints.

We offer standard enhancements including; color correcting, retouching, dust removal and overall exposure correction when needed at no charge. We offer computer system time at $100/hour to do custom enhancements including; adding type to your images, extreme retouching and cloning. We are color calibrated with our computer monitors to print a perfect match in color and detail as the prepared file. We follow all the ICC parameters. Once printed, the canvas is tightly stretched around a custom built sturdy poplar stretcher bar. Your gallery-wrapped canvas print is completed by adding hanging wire so upon receiving the print it can be hung immediately on the wall.

We also take pride in the attention our packaging team takes to ensure your product travels safely. Your finished print is packaged with bubble wrapped corners and padding then poly bagged inside our custom-cut cardboard boxes. We also offer the option of ‘blind’ drop shipping, your client will never know that the shipment came from our company. Simply provide us your mailing stickers and Logo labels, and we will affix them to every boxed print you order!

Customize Your Printable Image

customize print sizesCanvas Giclee Printing’s print reproduction service enables you to print your photographs or artwork as museum quality canvas prints. Whether you are a professional artist/photographer looking to develop an inventory or you just want to get creative and have your favorite photograph displayed in your home, now you have the ability to customize your own canvas print.

All you have to do is send us a high resolution digital image file, choose the print specs for your order and we turn your image into a gallery-wrapped custom canvas print. We also offer an Art Copy Work service to artists such as painters, who don’t already have a digital image. Ship or bring in your original artwork to our studio, and we will create a high resolution digital image of your art with this service. You can then keep your original painting or sell it! No need to worry as now you have the option to continue printing and selling that piece of art in the form of canvas prints.

Sizes for Custom Canvas Prints

Are you a professional artist looking to broaden your inventory? Create custom canvas prints of your art or photography in a variety of sizes for your website or art shows. The more sizes available, the more customers you will cater to.

Or are you simply looking to spruce up your decor with a panoramic custom canvas print over your sofa or dining table? We offer custom sizing for your prints. If you have an image of abnormal aspect ratio, we are still able to develop a print and wood backed frame for that custom size. We print mini sizes, panoramic sizes and extra large size prints all with special custom dimensions for your image. Large custom canvas printing is available in sizes up to 54 x 120 inches. Enter custom sizes on our Pricing Calculator to get prices and shipping estimates.

Stretcher Bar Size and Canvas Surfaces

Our canvas is stretched tightly over the edges of a sturdy, wooden stretched bar frame. You may chose a thickness of 1.5 inch or 0.75 inch stretcher bar. With stretcher bars, you no longer need to frame the print. Your finished canvas print will be shipped ready to hang. No need to spend time and money searching for a custom frame to match the print and your interior.

Canvas Print 3/4 In. Wrap

3/4″ Wrap

Canvas Print 1 1/2 In. Wrap

1 1/2″ Wrap

Canvas Print Gloss Finish

Gloss Finish

Canvas Print Satin Finish

Satin Finish

Canvas Print Image Wrap

Options available for how to print on the edges of your canvas:

Black, White or Colored Edges – a solid color is added to the edges creating the illusion of a frame

Mirrored Edges – the image is mirrored to edges with no portion lost from the face of the print to create a more continuous and dimensional look

Canvas Photos with .75 Black or Color Wrap

Color Wrap

Gallery wrapped canvas prints with three-quarter inch Image Wrap

Image Overflow

Gallery wrapped canvas prints - Canvas Photos with .75 Mirror Wrap

Mirror Wrap

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