Your purchase of CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING products or services is subject to this Terms of Sale. By clicking the “PLACE ORDER” button and making a purchase, you acknowledge that you have read this document and agree to be bound by its terms. The Terms of Sale is meant to provide general information regarding policies surrounding purchases from the CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING Web Site.


During the order process on the website and after the order has been placed, CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING provides many opportunities to review, revise and cancel the order. If your order has been submitted, processed and completed and if there was no communication with the staff to make specific changes to the order before going to print, then the employee, employer, officer, owner or authorized agent is not obligated to cancel or reprint your order. You agree that CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING is not responsible for reviewing, revising or canceling orders, products or images once an order has been placed. You agree that you have reviewed your order and that no further additions, corrections or changes need to be made and that your order is final as is. At that point CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING is able to proceed with the order and is under no obligation to reprint or refund an order.


CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING is consistently hard at work to make sure orders will be processed and ready to leave the facility within 3 business days from the date of the order. The date of order is the calendar date of order if the order is placed before 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. This production time is not guaranteed and is limited on the shipping destination. You agree that CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING will take at least 3 business days to produce your order and that it may take longer due to certain circumstances.  You also agree that your response time to inquiries regarding your order may affect and draw out the process to longer than 3 business days. Title to your purchased goods shall pass to you at the time CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING deposits such goods with its designated shipper. Ground or Home delivery may take up to 7 days. FedEx 2-Day and FedEx Overnight are options that our customers may choose. Prices are dictated by destination zip code and service type.


You agree that CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING does not guarantee their canvas prints to be exact matches in color to what you see on your computer monitor. Images and colors can be displayed in a variety of ways due to configuration of the screen monitor. There is not true uniform standard setting to which all monitors conform. Meaning what you see on your computer screen at home, is not exactly what our printers see on their monitors at the studio. As such, you agree that CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING does not guarantee that you will receive a print that exactly matches the image on your computer screen. Employees at CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING work hard to make the colors on the screen as true as possible to the printed colors. The differences in the monitor screens however make it impossible to match the colors seen by all users.


You agree that the products CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING sells are free from manufacturing defects and will be good for 90 days after purchase of the product. If during that time, the product gets damaged due to a manufacturing defect, you agree to provide CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING with a photograph of the product that clearly shows the damages. Upon receipt of the photograph, CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING will send a replacement of the product or will issue a refund for the purchase value of the damaged goods. Credits can also be used for any future purchases with CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING.

CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING does not guarantee that its product will work for any intended purpose or set of conditions. You agree that it is within CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING’s sole discretion if the determination of a product’s failure is due to a manufacturing defect. You further agree to include a written explanation regarding the circumstance of the failure including but not limited to the conditions the product was in, the use of the product and any other information useful to make an informed decision on what caused the failure or breakage of the product.


Insurance is available for items shipped via FedEx. However, for artwork which has a perceived intellectual value incorporated within, FedEx will only cover up to $100 for Ground and Home deliveries and up to $500 for air services such as Standard Overnight and FedEx 2-Day service. CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING will not be held responsible for any compensation beyond what FedEx pays on any given claim. If a customer would like to use a 3rd party insurance rider on any parcel sent to CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING from the customer or any parcel sent to the customer from CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING, the customer must take the appropriate measure to provide for coverage. In the event the customer would like a piece of original art shipped by CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING to the customer, the customer must schedule a pickup at CANVAS GICLEE PRINTING location and cover all costs involved.