Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are more than just a trendy way to display art; they are a statement of elegance and quality. At Canvas Giclee Printing, we specialize in transforming your works of art into vibrant, extra-large canvas prints that are akin to museum-quality masterpieces. Whether you’re an artist, or a photographer, looking to showcase your creations in a unique manner, our bespoke options and expert craftsmanship will elevate your work to the next level. Step into a world where your art doesn’t just hang on the wall—it lives there!

Our gallery wrapped canvas prints are a testament to artistic excellence and grandeur. We offer prints up to 54″ x 120″ and use only the highest quality canvas to ensure that each piece is a charming masterpiece. Whether you’re an artist or photographer, our extra-large prints can transform your work into stunning visual statements. With a dedication to craftsmanship, we meticulously stretch the canvas over stretcher bars by hand, guaranteeing that every detail of your image is captured with precision, free of wrinkles and unwanted slack. Experience your art like never before and trust in our commitment to quality, elegance, and innovation.

What is a Canvas Wrap?

A canvas wrap is more than just a stretched print; it’s an artistic statement. Carefully stretched over stretcher bars, the canvas print’s sides can either continue the image or present a solid color, creating a seamless, elegant look. When digital photos are printed on our high-quality canvas and finished with a gallery wrap, they take on a vivid 3-D appearance that seems to leap “off the wall.” Choose from three types of canvas mediums: gloss, satin, or metallic, to suit your aesthetic. With a beautifully wrapped canvas print adorning your wall, you’ll experience the sensation of having a piece of museum-quality art right in your own home!

Canvas Wraps Arrive Ready to Hang

Our custom canvas wrapping service provides canvas printing for photographers and art printing for artists with the choice of .75″ or 1.5″ poplar wood stretcher bars. These custom designed stretcher bars prevent compression marks and creases during handling and shipping. Gallery wrapped canvases stretched on .75″ or 1.5″stretcher bars are also suitable for framing if desired. Sizes 24″x30″ and larger also have a brace bar support.

Each canvas wrap is then shipped in a heavy duty poly bag with bubble wrapped corner protectors. Your canvas wraps are shipped with wire and hardware attached so they are ready to hang on your wall right out of the box.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Ultimately, when you need canvas wraps we know there are a lot of canvas giclee printers out there to choose from. But only a handful can achieve the high standard and level of expertise that we offer. Years of experience in both the photography industry and printing industry give us the edge in producing high quality, high resolution photos and fine art prints on canvas. When you receive your custom gallery wrap, you can be sure that you are receiving the finest gallery wrapped prints in the marketplace today. Follow our easy online purchasing process, choose the look you want, and order your gallery wrapped canvas print today.

Custom Options for the Edges of Your Canvas Wraps

  • White, Black or Colored Edges – to create the illusion of a frame around the print, the edges are finished with a solid color
  • Mirrored Edges – to provide a more dimensional, continuous look to the print image, it is mirrored to the edges with nothing lost from the face of the print

Our Back fit and Finish of our Canvas Wraps!

Museum Back
Museum Corner

Mirror Wrap

Canvas Photos with .75 Mirror Wrap

3/4″ Mirror Wrap

Canvas Photos with 1.5 Mirror Wrap

1 1/2″ Mirror Wrap

Black/Color Wrap

Canvas Photos with .75 Black or Color Wrap

3/4″  Black/Color Wrap

Canvas Photos with 1.5 Black or Color Wrap

1 1/2″  Black/Color Wrap

Stretching and Packaging

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Photos Stretching and Packaging

Transform Your Space with Museum-quality Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints!

Bring your artistic vision to life with wrapped canvas prints. Our dedication to quality, coupled with the expertise to create flawless, wrinkle-free canvas wraps up to 54″ x 120″, makes us the premier choice for artists and photographers alike. Whether you desire a gloss, satin, or metallic finish, our gallery wrapped canvas prints are crafted to transform your space into a personal art gallery. Order your custom print today and let us transform your artwork or photography into a visually stunning piece that reflects your unique creativity.