Fine Art Printing and Art Reproduction on Canvas

For amateur and professional artists alike, at Canvas Giclee Printing we offer the industry’s best art copy services. By creating a high-res digital copy of your original and then printing it with our industry leading fine art giclee printing process, we are able to produce a perfect art reproduction on canvas of your original work.

Art Copy with High Resolution Scanning

High-resolution art scanning is the process of digitizing a work of art for the purpose of print reproduction or simply to preserve a painting, drawing, photo or sculpture in a digital format.

Artists looking for the highest quality art copy and art reproduction services choose Canvas Giclee Printing for their fine art printing services every time. We are skilled photographers and lighting experts with years of printing experience. We use the Hasselblad H5D-50 megapixel camera to produce a high resolution digital file of your original artwork. Our printing team goes through an intensive process of color correction and proofing to make sure the digital image matches the original artwork as closely as possible.

Please note that you must request a proof if you want to see a physical copy of the image before printing the final order. A proof is a small rolled print of your image (approximate size, 11×14) on the print medium you have chosen for your print order – canvas or paper. A single proof costs $20 including shipping. This is an added cost to the scan charge, meaning it is not included in the price chart below.

The scan prices below are for creating the high-resolution digital image file and providing a disc with those images. Scanning is a one-time fee per original painting and the fee is determined based on the size of each original to be scanned.  Once a high-resolution digital file of your artwork is created, it is archived on our secured database, not on a public server. Your digital files are safe with us and will be accessed only to print repeat orders for you. Pricing for art reproduction on gallery-wrapped canvas prints or fine-art paper prints is here.

Turnaround time for scanning service is around 2 weeks. The first step to scanning your artwork is to place an order using our custom order form.  On this form you will select the method of sending your original artwork. You can also hand deliver it to our studio. We enjoy meeting fellow artists! Or you can ship it to the address below. If you cannot deliver or ship your original artwork to us, please visit our blog for detailed information on ‘How to Photograph your Paintings for Print Reproduction.

Canvas Giclee Printing      1328 North Lake Park Blvd Suite #110   Carolina Beach, NC 28428


High Resolution Scan of Artwork sizes 8 x 10 and smaller

Color Proof – $20

$75.00 each

High Resolution Scan of Artwork sizes 11 x 14 to 18 x 24

Color Proof – $20

$125.00 each

High Resolution Scan of Artwork sizes 20 x 24 and larger

Color Proof – $20

$150.00 each

Drum scans for transparencies or negatives for a flat fee

Price Includes Color Proof

$85.00 each


Beyond the fine art printing services we provide in our studio, we also understand how valuable your original artwork is and that it needs to be handled with care and respect to and from our location. Getting your art to us safely is of great concern. We recommend using a professional packing and shipping service of your choice such as FedEx, Mailbox Express, or UPS Store. However, if you choose to package your artwork yourself,  we would like to provide some packing and shipping guidelines to facilitate the safe arrival of your original work of art to Canvas Giclee Printing.  Click here for our contact address.


  • Wrap the painting in foam or bubble wrap
  • Take extra care by cutting plenty of bubble wrap to fit over the corners
  • Slip the wrapped painting inside a clear bag
  • Use cardboard as padding and place a piece over the face of the canvas
  • When packaging multiple paintings, be sure to set the prints face-to-face or back-to-back
  • Place inside a sturdy cardboard box that is roughly the size of the painting
    • FedEx, UPS and Mailbox Express provide packaging service
    • Be sure to include a FRAGILE sticker on the box
    • Purchase insurance on the shipment