Art for Hotels: Canvas Prints are the Perfect Choice

Figuring out how and where to buy art for hotels, especially in bulk, can be a daunting assignment. If you are working on the decor for a new hotel construction project or tasked with refreshing the wall art at your existing hotel property, we can help with sourcing all your art needs. After all, hotel artwork for sale is not something you typically find at the local print shop around the corner. If you are an interior designer, hotel manager or hospitality art buyer, your job may literally be on the line to come up with the quality and quantity of art required to decorate a large commercial property, while also trusting that the final deliverable gets shipped on time, undamaged and ready to install.

art for hotels cmt nashville

Large Wall Art Installation for CMT Nashville

Fortunately, in this day and age, digital photography and digital printing have expanded the options to allow for unique and appealing choices in hotel wall art. It is far less likely that you are forced to choose imagery that has already been displayed at multiple properties around the country. And in making your selections, thankfully gone are the days of flipping through physical pages of heaping image catalogs only to select what amounts to a mass-produced poster printed using old-fashioned offset lithography.

In fact, the digital technology of today allows for virtually any image size, a variety of print media such as canvas, paper or metal and almost any subject matter you can imagine to be reproduced as hotel art. And of course, if you are willing to commission custom photography of your subject matter, you can get completely unique original photos reproduced as stunning canvas giclee prints.

That’s where our company, Canvas Giclee Printing, comes in. We specialize in commercial art projects and would be proud to be your hotel artwork supplier. We routinely handle high-volume orders and can print large canvas prints up to 54″ x 120.” And for your convenience, we can print your custom digital photography or let you select from our vast library of prints and then reproduce them as ready-to-hang hotel canvas prints in the sizes and quantities of your choice.

hotel art installed in lobby

Hotel Lobby Art – Holiday Inn Wrightsville Beach

When it comes to artwork for hotels, we have all your needs covered from large panoramic prints for an open lobby or convention hall to the smallest abstract print for a desk, office or hotel room wall. Custom printing wall art for hotels is what we do day in and day out, and we employ professional photographers and printers to ensure your order is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. And that attention to detail goes all the way down to the packing and shipping, so every print arrives ready to hang with no fuss on your end.



Hotel Art on Canvas: Tips for Choosing Prints

Know your hotel.
When buying artwork for your hotel, start with a plan. In other words, the art should fit your property. You probably don’t want beach scenes at a hotel in the desert southwest. And you may want to consider upfront whether your art choices are intended as an investment or just wall filler. Are you in a metropolitan city where your hotel could be a destination for art enthusiasts? Is the artwork something you intend to incorporate into your marketing? Are you trying to make a statement?  If the answer to some or all of these questions is “yes,” then you may want to shop for a statement piece or pieces that are going to create “wow factor” for your property.

Avoid polarizing subject matter.
Wow-factor aside, very few hotel properties will qualify as art destinations. It is more likely you will be safer as you think about the cross-section of clientele you serve to take a fairly neutral stance on your art selections. Think about the mood you are trying to project, and be sure to consider the psychology of color. Leave the wild stuff for the art museum, and choose art for your hotel or convention center that is easy on the eyes, welcoming and not overwhelming … in other words it should not be too attention grabbing if you don’t have your own art gallery.

Nature prints, abstract art and black and whites are always good choices. Also along the lines of custom-themed art, you could always choose photography of iconic architecture or attractions in the surrounding area as well as images of the hotel property itself.

Is there a theme, story or brand standard to adhere to?
If you are buying for multiple locations, keep in mind whether there is a theme, corporate look or a “brand standard” that needs to be adhered to. As traveling clients visit your properties in different cities, it may be important to maintain thematic consistency among locations.

Considerations for How and Where to Buy Artwork for Hotels

Now that we’ve covered tips on the selection of hotel prints, what about where to actually buy hotel wall art? When it comes to sourcing hotel art, there are a number of important considerations, particularly if you are working on a new construction project where a grand opening is on the line. The old saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression is so true. As you select your next hotel artwork supplier, consider the following reasons to make Canvas Giclee Printing your only choice:

  1. Select a reliable printing partner. First and foremost, you must have an experienced, reliable print provider. Canvas Giclee Printing, led by CEO Josh McClure with 30+ years of professional photography experience, prints 1000’s of quality canvas prints with rave reviews from professional artists, photographers and commercial art buyers every year. You won’t find a more reliable partner for your next project.
  2. What about volume orders and large custom prints? We can deliver volume orders of as many as 1000 pieces in as little as 12 weeks. And if you want to really make a statement in your hotel lobby, how about a large canvas print at 54″ x 120″? That’s almost 5 feet by 10 feet. We deliver these routinely to corporate clients all across the country.
  3. Can I easily browse for prints? Canvas Giclee Printing has an online gallery of original art and photography licensed to us to sell by 100’s of our nationally-recognized artist and photographer partners – all ready for printing to your specifications. In addition, we are the exclusive wholesale printer for Steve Vaughan who has an image library of over 10,000 tropical and beach scenes … very popular in coastal towns.
  4. Can I use my own art or photography? Absolutely! Whether you shoot your own images or hire a professional photographer, all we need is a high-resolution digital photo. This is one of the best ways to personalize the artwork for your hotel and establish your own unique theme. Additionally if you have original artwork, we have the capability to photograph that art in-house and then reproduce it as canvas giclees.
  5. How about shipping on large orders? Safe transport of your prints is a top priority at Each print is placed in a clear poly-bag with bubble corners for extra protection. Then the prints are placed into a snug, custom-built cardboard box with additional padding placed between each print. If you are ordering hundreds of prints, imagine the nightmare of constant deliveries via FedEx or UPS. Canvas Giclee Printing employs a more efficient and safe shipping solution with POD’s Moving and Storage Company. Their containers are the best means for bulk shipping large print projects with the ability to send the entire project in one shipment. No more tracking of numerous shipments. The storage pod arrives at the hotel property on a set date and is left there for as long as needed to empty the pod.
  6. What about personal service? Phone, fax, email, custom order form … you decide how you want to communicate, we’re here for you. We’re staffed with professional photographers, artists and print professionals capable of discussing any aspect of your order. We’re not some faceless corporate conglomerate where you can’t find a human when you need one.

Hotel Artwork: The Advantages of Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

Although Canvas Giclee Printing can print on canvas or paper, our gallery-wrapped canvas prints offer clear advantages over traditional framed paper prints, especially for large installations. (For more details on canvas gallery wraps, click here.)

Quality and Longevity: Art for Hotels Should Look Great and Last

100+ years … that’s the life expectancy of our canvas art for hotels. We know you will probably want to refresh your art selection sooner than that, but it is comforting to know that your prints will look their best throughout the life of your property. Our skilled craftsmen produce durable products using only the finest raw materials that withstand environmental factors without fading.

Inks: Our UltraChrome HD inks have a wide, rich color gamut that offers an exact color match of the original art or photo. The inks are sprayed with extreme detail creating a stunningly sharp image. In addition, our inks and canvases are water resistant and UV protected. Even if your prints are hanging in direct sunlight, you can expect them to remain fade resistant and as beautiful as they were the day they were printed.

Canvas: The canvas for our hotel art prints is a high quality cotton-polyester blend that requires no varnish or coating. It has a sturdy feel and is thick to the touch, but it is flexible enough to wrap tightly around a wood stretcher bar to create the perfect gallery wrap. We offer three types of canvas medium: satin, gloss or metallic. With a water resistant finish, the canvas is also easy to maintain by simply removing surface dust with a damp cloth.

Wood: Gallery wrapped canvas prints are stretched over wooden stretcher bars. The wood used to create these bars is made from poplar trees which have extreme strength and stability, thus creating a sturdy and durable frame. The poplar we use has a fine, straight grain allowing for accurate cuts necessary for quality custom-built frames. When assembling large-format prints like you find in hotels and convention centers, we add additional strut bars for further support. They are placed diagonally across all four corners and placed through the center of the print. This further ensures the longevity of the print without warping or buckling.

Canvas Wrapped Prints Offer Ease of On-site Installation

Coordinating the on-site installation of a commercial art project can be an intimidating task. The great thing about gallery-wrapped canvas prints is they are assembled at our plant ready-to-hang, complete with sawtooth, nails and hanging wire. If your hotel canvas art installation requires additional security, then we can provide tamper proof security hardware to lock your prints to the wall. When you receive the prints at your door, there is no extra effort needed on your part to prepare them for installation. Gallery-wrapped prints are also much lighter than prints with traditional frames. Art for hotels, particularly in open lobby areas, is often quite large, and the lighter prints are considerably easier to handle and to hang. This is especially true for hotel lobby prints that are meant to hang up high. Ultimately the weight savings makes for a faster and safer installation process.

We hope you found the tips and advice on this page helpful for choosing artwork for hotels. Whether you need large hotel lobby art, art for hotel rooms, or just want advice on a hotel art project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Canvas Giclee Printing before your next commercial or hospitality art purchase.