Giclee Paper Prints

Canvas Giclee Printing is the place to order photo prints on paper of the highest quality at affordable prices. We print on archival and acid free paper which comes in four different types: Semi-Gloss, Enhanced Matte, Textured Watercolor and Metallic Photo Paper. Each type of paper is suitable for its own purpose. Photography prints are stunning and sharp on semi-gloss or metallic surfaces. Reproductions of pencil and charcoal drawings print best on a matte surface. Watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings printed on textured watercolor paper results in a rich reproduction that looks almost identical to the original artwork.

Our printing equipment includes the Epson P9570 Series, and 9900 Pro Series Printers which are state-of-the-art paper printers in the industry today. We format your digital image to print at the utmost clarity and intensity of the original photo or artwork. Each paper print is cut leaving a one inch white border around the edges, which allows for matting and framing later.

We do not offer mattes and frames, but we recommend that you purchase from the supplier, Golden State Art, especially if you need to order mattes in bulk quantity. We roll and ship your paper prints in a sturdy tube. At your request, we can ship the paper prints flat in a box. The prints will be placed inside a clear sleeve for protection and on a piece of cut cardboard to keep it from bending.

Canvas Giclee Printing makes it easy to order giclee paper prints online. Just click the ‘Get Started’ button and follow through our user-friendly ordering process. Your paper prints will arrive within 7 to 12 business days of placing your order. Our customer service team is available to speak with you about the project if any questions arise.

Printing on paper is a popular print medium. If you are looking to print your favorite photos to frame and display in your home, we’ve got you covered. If you are an artist looking to resell prints or needing to create a portfolio of your work, we are the printing company for you.

Textured Fine Art Paper