Paper Prints

Giclee Paper Prints

Canvas Giclee Printing is the place to order photo prints on paper of the highest quality at affordable prices. We print on archival and acid free paper which comes in four different types: Semi-Gloss, Enhanced Matte, Textured Watercolor and Metallic Photo Paper. Each type of paper is suitable for its own purpose. Photography prints are stunning and sharp on semi-gloss or metallic surfaces. Reproductions of pencil and charcoal drawings print best on a matte surface. Watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings printed on textured watercolor paper results in a rich reproduction that looks almost identical to the original artwork.

Our printing equipment includes the Epson P9570 Series, and 9900 Pro Series Printers which are state-of-the-art paper printers in the industry today. We format your digital image to print at the utmost clarity and intensity of the original photo or artwork.

Each paper print is cut leaving at least a one inch white border around the edges, which allows for matting and framing later. We do not offer mattes and frames. We roll and ship your paper prints in a sturdy tube. 

Canvas Giclee Printing makes it easy to order giclee paper prints online. Just click the ‘Get Started’ button and follow through our user-friendly ordering process. Your paper prints will arrive within 7 to 12 business days of placing your order. Our customer service team is available to speak with you about the project if any questions arise.

Printing on paper is a popular print medium. If you are looking to print your favorite photos to frame and display in your home, we’ve got you covered. If you are an artist looking to resell prints or needing to create a portfolio of your work, we are the printing company for you.

Textured Fine Art Paper

Photo Printing on Textured Fine Art Paper

Textured Fine Art Paper has a rough structured surface equivalent to the traditional water color paper. This textured characteristic is a beautiful presentation. It is used to reproduce photos, watercolor art, pen/ink, and charcoal drawings.

Basis Weight: 245 gsm
ISO Brightness: 110%
Opacity: 95%

Enhanced Fine Art Matte Paper

Photo Printing on Enhanced Fine Art Matte Paper

Fine Art Enhanced Matte Paper has a clean, simple and flat surface. Smooth to the touch, and easy on the eyes. This paper type is suitable for printing many types of artwork such as photographs, line drawings, and watercolor art.

Basis Weight: 192 gsm
ISO Brightness: 104%
Opacity: 94%

Photographic Semi-Gloss Paper

Printing on Photographic Semi-Gloss Paper

This semi-gloss paper has a smooth semi-gloss surface. The color gamut is rich; the paper accepts and holds colors to their truest and most vibrant form. Images printed on this paper are sharp and detailed. This paper is suitable for those who want to reproduce their work with the true photogenic look and feel!

Basis Weight: 300 gsm
ISO Brightness: 95%
Opacity: 86%

Metallic Photo Paper

Printing on Metallic Photo Paper

Metallic Photo Paper has a silver luster to its surface making the image extremely vibrant with a chrome like effect. This paper is suitable for high definition photography and other forms of artwork. For the professional photographer or artist who wants to take their work to the next level!

Basis Weight: 225 gsm
ISO Brightness: 78%
Opacity: 97%

View our prices for standard sized paper prints found in the middle of the pricing page. Scroll to the bottom of our pricing page to find our easy to use pricing calculator for custom sized prints which will give you an immediate price for your paper giclée print. All paper prints are equally priced regardless of your choice of paper.