Canvas Prints for Interior Design Projects

Interior design with canvas prints and wall art makes a difference, especially in large commercial spaces. We offer museum quality canvas prints to help interior designers transform the look and feel of a particular space through the use of gorgeous canvas wall art.

Our clients are driven and inspired by this idea when they hire us to print beautiful works of art for their installation projects. You provide the art, and we reproduce it on canvas. Canvas Giclee Printing is one of the few print reproduction companies in the United States that can fulfill custom sized, large canvas prints in bulk orders. Our gallery-wrapped canvas prints adorn the very large walls of commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, galleries, dance studios, convention centers and more.

Don’t have art to provide for printing?  Visit, The Canvas Art Gallery or for a gallery of artwork and photography to choose from. We can print from these selections and provide anything you need for interior design with canvas wall art.

Quality Commercial Canvas Printing Starts with the Best Raw Materials:

Our canvas prints are made from high quality raw materials and assembled by our skilled craftsman to last 100+ years without fading. We produce durable products that withstand environmental factors.

Inks: Our UltraChrome HD inks have a wide, rich color gamut range ensuring that we match the exact color fidelity of the original art. The inks are sprayed upon canvas with extreme detail creating a stunningly sharp image. Our inks and canvas are water resistant and UV protected. Your print can hang in direct sunlight and will remain fade resistant and as beautiful as it was the day it was printed.

Canvas: The canvas used is a high quality cotton-polyester blend that requires no varnish or coating. It is thick to the touch but flexible enough to wrap tightly around a wood stretcher bar. When the inks are applied to the canvas medium, it creates an eye popping color gamut. We offer three types of canvas medium: satin, gloss or metallic. The canvas is water resistant so you can also maintain the print by taking a damp cloth to the surface to remove dust.

Wood: The wood used to create the stretcher bars are made from poplar trees which have extreme strength and stability, thus making the frame sturdy and durable. The grain is straight and fine making it manipulable for uniform straight cuts when building custom frames. When assembling large format prints, strut bars are added for further support. They are placed diagonally across all four corners and placed through the center of the print.