You just applied the last strokes of paint to the canvas.  A certain feeling of triumph rushes over you. You are so proud to add this piece to your collection. All painters feel similar towards their creations. Each painting portrays a part of the artist themselves and essentially is priceless. When something has this much value it is wise to have some sort of back up. Of course it would be impossibly boring to paint a duplicate. The best way to go is to create a digital image of your painting. With this image, you forever have it digitally stored which has many uses including the ability to print reproductions. But how do you go about turning your painting into a high resolution digital image file? You may not be a photographer but you surely have the capability of photographing your art with a little direction and advice.

What you Need: It is essential to have the equipment below when photographing art.

Photographing ArtEasel: Use for holding artwork upright and square to the camera.

Camera: Use 35 mm digital camera that has a resolution of at least 14 megapixels