Jim Brown Wildlife PhotographerExpert Wildlife Photography

When it comes to photography there is a plethora of subjects and styles of shooting, however, for Jim Brown, the outdoor wilderness is where he likes to call “home.” Jim Brown is an exceptional Award Winning nature photographer of over 40 years from the state of Wyoming, famous for his wildlife photography and stunning landscape photos.  Much of his subjects include animals in the wild, many being dangerous such as Kodiak Bears, Coyotes, and Polar Bears, requiring Jim to carry a gun at all times when photographing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats.

In the past 7 years Jim has received over 10 awards which are highly recognized for nature photography. Jim’s awards include:

2007 Nature Conservancy Finalist
2008 Nature’s Best Publications
2009 North American Nature Photographer Assoc. Tier II winner
2010 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalist
2010 Windland Smith Rice Wildlife Photographer Finalist
2010 Smithsonian’s Top 10 Wildlife Photograph’s
2011 National Wildlife Federation Calendar Photographer
2011 National Audubon Calendar Photographer
2012 National Audubon Bird Photograph Winner
2013 North American Nature Photographer Assoc. Tier 3 winner

Bald Eagle wildlife photo in AlaskaPolar bear in the wild

Jim Brown’s passion for photography truly started as a child when his parents gave him a Kodak Browning on his eleventh birthday.  For years, his father taught him about wildlife and the behavior of nature.  Through hunting, fishing, tracking, and photography, Jim gained an exceptional understanding and appreciation of Wyoming’s wilderness.  Additionally, Jim Brown’s acute understanding of wildlife behavior also came from his experience as a U.S. Department of Agriculture animal damage control specialist where he studied under some of the leading specialists in the field of wildlife behavior.  Throughout his time working, Jim also took on photography classes in the evening to truly hone his craft within wilderness photography. Understanding the behavior of nature and not just the art of the camera is an advantage that Jim has over many other nature photographers.  With the combination of Jim’s work experience, wildlife passion, and photography studies, has led Jim Brown to become one of the top nature photographers today.