What is Giclée Printing on Canvas?

Jul 10, 2023Advice and Tips

What is Giclee Printing?

The term “giclee” was coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991 to describe digitally reproduced fine art prints. It originated from the French verb “gicler,” meaning to squirt or spray a liquid. Duganne adopted this term to describe the prints produced by his studio using large format printers, such as the Giclé Epson GS6000 Inkjet printer. Nowadays, giclee encompasses high-resolution inkjet prints created from digitally generated files, revolutionizing art reproduction. These prints utilize archival pigment inks meticulously sprayed onto archival fine art paper or canvas, capturing the intricate details and vibrant colors of the original artwork. Giclee printing enables artists to share their creations with a wider audience while preserving the integrity of their work, making it accessible to art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries worldwide.

The reason for giclee printing’s association with such high quality lies in the use of large format printers with fade-resistant archival inks, both pigment and solvent-based, along with archival substrates. The primary production of these prints occurs on super-high quality Epson printers and various other large-format printers. The printing process typically involves the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (Black) or CMYK color process, which may include multiple variations of each color to enhance color accuracy. Lighter versions of cyan and magenta are often added to improve color gamut and achieve smoother gradient transitions. With giclee printing, a wide range of material substrates are available, including matte photo paper, watercolor paper, pure cotton or poly-cotton canvas, and textured vinyl, each offering unique textures and finishes.

The GS6000 Giclee printer answer the question: what is giclee printing?
What is giclee on canvas printing?

Giclee fine art printing showcases a luminosity and brilliance that faithfully represents the artist’s original artwork, surpassing other fine art reproduction techniques available today. The combination of the finest quality canvas and inks elevates giclee fine art reproductions to a level that rivals the beauty and detail of the original artwork itself.

Due to its superior quality, giclee prints have become the preferred print method for professional photographers, artists, fine art publishers, and museums that demand high-quality fine art reproductions. Esteemed art institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Guggenheim, Smithsonian Institute, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have hosted exhibitions featuring fine art giclee prints. The accuracy, color vibrancy, and attention to detail achieved through giclee printing make it a favored choice among those seeking to preserve and reproduce artwork with the utmost fidelity.

What is Giclee Printing on Canvas?

Giclee on canvas is a popular variant of giclee printing that offers unique advantages. With giclee on canvas, the archival pigment inks are meticulously applied to canvas substrates, resulting in a textured and painterly effect. This technique brings out the richness and depth of the artwork, providing a more authentic representation of paintings and other canvas-based artworks. Giclee on canvas prints often exhibit a tactile quality that adds to the overall viewing experience, making them a preferred choice for artists who wish to reproduce their work on a medium that closely resembles the original painting surface.

Giclee printing has revolutionized the world of art reproduction, allowing artists to share their creations with a wider audience without compromising on quality. With its meticulous attention to detail, vibrant colors, and archival longevity, giclee has earned its place as the preferred method for reproducing fine art. Whether it’s on paper or canvas, giclee printing captures the essence of the original artwork, enabling art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries to experience and appreciate the beauty and intricacy of renowned pieces from around the world.

Turn Your Painting or Photo into a Print

Choosing giclee printing to reproduce your latest work of art is a transformative decision that will elevate your creations. With its remarkable ability to capture intricate details, vibrant colors, and textures, giclee ensures a precise and stunning presentation. Whether you’re a professional artist or dedicated to preserving your artistic legacy, giclee empowers you to share your vision while honoring the integrity of your original masterpiece. Embrace this transformative choice and watch your artwork come to life in extraordinary ways.