Triptych and Diptych Canvas Prints

Jun 26, 2023Art Copy Service, Canvas Printing

Diptych and Triptych Canvas Prints

Are you looking to make a statement a on your wall? Take your home’s art to the next level by printing gallery-wrapped diptych (two prints side by side) or triptych (three prints side by side). There is something more impactful about two or more images which continue onto separate canvases. Firstly, it allows you to decorate more wall space thus being more visually appealing than single prints. Secondly, you could get creative with hanging diptych or triptych canvas prints. Instead of placing each print on the same wall, you have the option to hang them around or inside a corner wall creating a more 3-d effect. Thirdly, you can get creative with your images. Imagine a beautiful sunrise printed on three separate canvases. That is one image, turned into three images. But you could also have three different images and three different size canvases. These images would be different but along the same lines of subject matter. Family portraits are good examples of this. Usually the largest print of the triptych is the photograph of the entire family. The smaller prints to hang beside this larger print, could be a closeup of a single person or even the family pet’s portrait. This creates a collage type wall art. So how do you create a triptych or diptych from your images? And once you have those images, how do you print them? Canvas Giclee Printing offers a print reproduction service for photographers and artists. We print your art on museum quality canvas prints that are ready to hang when they arrive at your door. Get Started with creating your diptych or triptych prints now!

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