Top Reasons To Print Your Pictures On Canvas

Jun 26, 2023Uncategorized

Professional Photographers: Save Time, Money and Increase Sales by Printing Your Images on Canvas

Produce Timeless Inventory by Printing Your Photography on Canvas

A sure way to give your amazing photography justice is to reproduce it as a museum quality canvas print. Gallery-wrapped canvas printing is the most classic way to reproduce your photography. Durable thick canvas, archival inks, sturdy wood backings, and clean wrapped edges makes for a museum quality presentation of your work.

Your photography can be brought to next level by printing it on a dimensional surface like that of a wrapped canvas. Unlike paper printing, your printable canvas surface wraps around the edges of a wooden framed backing. There are many options available for how to print on the edges of your canvas. You can choose black, white or colorful edges to create the illusion of a frame. A popular choice is mirrored edges, where your image is printed around the entire canvas creating a more continuous and dimensional look.

Gallery-wrapped prints stand the test of time when printed with high quality materials. Be sure to use a company that uses high-end equipment and raw materials to create your canvas prints. Using canvas with UV protectant and archival solvent inks that are fade, water and scratch resistant allows for your prints to last up to 100 years without fading. However, for the outdoor use, the lifespan is much shorter (approx 3 years) so be sure to apply additional protectants yourself so the prints can withstand the weathering of the environment.

By adding canvas prints to your inventory, you are offering a timeless and sophisticated product. It brings your professionalism up a notch when your photography is printed as canvas wall art.

Save Time and Money by Reproducing Your Photos as Canvas Prints

When reproducing your photography on canvas, you are saving time and money by investing in the completion of each print in a single step. The simple process involves working with one company to print your work, assemble canvas, and ship to your desired location. This quick process is a time saver when you have many orders to fulfill from clients. You can even have the printing company drop ship directly to your clients, who will then receive a well packaged and ready-to-hang canvas print of your photography.

When printing your photos on canvas, not only would you save time but you would also save a lot of money. If you were to print your photography on paper instead of canvas, you would be forced to provide a matte and frame for the paper prints. Framing and matting is very costly. You would spend no less than $100 for a decent frame and matte. With a gallery-wrapped print, there is no need for matting and framing so this costly step is eliminated. When there is less cost in something, there is higher chance of re-selling it. You don’t have to jack up your price so high to cover for your expense. Keep in mind that matting for paper prints is essential to provide when selling your work. You may leave it to the customer to frame their print later. However, the customer may not want to spend that kind of money themselves or take the extra time to visit a frame shop. When the customer has the option to purchase a ready-to-hang print verses a paper print that requires more time and cost, there is a higher chance they would go for the canvas print. The less effort made on both sides of the sale is always a more intriguing one.

ready to hang canvas print

Increase Sales by Offering Your Photography as Giclee Canvas Prints

If you are a photographer looking to conveniently sell your work to a commercial market, then printing on canvas would be a smart option. Combine a museum quality print with the ease of installation and you have a highly desirable product. When businesses look for artwork to design their offices, they may purchase more than one piece to decorate the many rooms of the workplace. Just think of all the space available to hang prints in office buildings, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. When purchasing in bulk, companies look for products that are of high quality, affordable price, with an easy buying experience. That means as little steps as possible to complete their project. If buyers had to order art from one source, then order framing from another, this extra effort and cost may derail them from purchase, especially if they are buying in bulk. With gallery-wrapped canvas prints, they can place an order with one company and receive a ready-to-hang print for their walls with little cost and effort. By offering your photography as canvas prints you would be broadening your consumer market to commercial business thus further increasing your sales potential.

hotel art installed in lobby
hotel art installed in lobby

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