Top Four Reasons Artists Should Reproduce Artwork on Canvas Prints

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Artists Should Reproduce Artwork on Canvas Prints

Are you a talented artist looking for a strategy that will increase your inventory, expand your client base, free up more time to create while increasing your revenue? As a painter, I’ve been given more artistic options, developed an impressive inventory, increased my client base, and expanded my notoriety from simply deciding to reproduce my artwork on canvas. Whether you are an artist that actively sells your work or an artist that paints for pure enjoyment, there are advantages to reproducing your artwork on canvas. The quality is unmatched. 

Keep Your Original Artwork by Printing on Canvas

It is perfect in every way; the paint strokes, the colors, the composition. You’ve created another masterpiece. The sweet feeling of accomplishment sets in. But wait, you must give it away, you must sell it to your client. How will you let it go when you are attached to your new creation? It feels like giving away a part of yourself. All artists can relate to this dilemma, but if you reproduce your artwork on canvas, you will solve this issue and reap other benefits as well.

If the only existing pieces of your art are the originals then clients have no option but to purchase the original from you. However, if you reproduce your artwork on canvas, you can give them the option to purchase a giclee canvas print of that exact image. You won’t have to give up your original, thus sellers remorse won’t set in after the sale.

Keep in mind, it can work the other way as well. If the client is dead set on purchasing an original, you can make a canvas print for yourself. Once you have a digital image of your painting, you can print as many giclees from that image in the future. Knowing that you are not giving away the one and only work of art because you have the option to make copies available is highly comforting to artists!

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Printing your Art on Canvas Helps You Sell More Artwork

When a customer ‘likes’, ‘really likes’ or ‘falls in love’ with one of your paintings there is a decent potential for a purchase to occur. What if that particular painting is an original? Original works of art are quite pricey as there is only one available. Are clients more or less likely to open their wallet? Truth be told, there are many customers who prefer to purchase an original, but that is if they ‘fall in love’ with it.

If you reproduce your original artwork as canvas prints, you are more likely to cater to the majority of customers who just ‘like’ or ‘really like’ your painting. For the simple fact that a giclee print is more affordable than an original. The more affordable an item, the more sellable it is. Of course this is true only if the item is close to the high quality of the original. You would have to find a high quality printer. Believe it or not, such companies do exist. Canvas Giclee Printing is a leading company that specializes in fine art canvas printing. Embellishing is another way to add quality to your canvas prints. Embellishing is the act of painting on top of the canvas print. This creates more texture making the print look more like an original. It doesn’t take long to embellish. You only embellish the areas that would enhance the print. This adds value to the reproduced giclee but your price will still be set a lot less than an original. When you have a museum quality canvas print at an affordable price you are likely to sell more because you are catering to more customers.

More Size Options Available When Printing Art on Canvas

Another reason to print your artwork on canvas is the many size options available for any one particular image. You may have a client who loves your piece but needs it in a smaller or larger size to fit their wall. If you offer the option to print the clients desired size, then the size of your original will never be the make or break decision for the deal.

The ability to blow up or shrink down your painting to fit a certain canvas size is essential to marketing your work. Printing your artwork on a large scale is much easier than painting from scratch. You want to have some very large pieces that offer the ‘wow’ factor when people walk into your gallery or booth at an art fair. Large pieces draw customers in.

Mini canvas prints are the smallest size options available. Mini’s are hot sellers because they are affordable, small and irresistibly cute. These size canvas prints also make for the perfect gifts, because people look for items that are unique, lovely and affordable

How do you offer your work in different sizes? All you need is a high resolution digital image of your artwork. Through the service of art copywork, you are able to print a variety of sizes on canvas prints from that one saved digital image.

More Art Inventory with Less Time and Effort

If you were only to sell your original paintings, you would spend a lot of time painting to have a decent size inventory. It takes time and effort to spit out original after original. You can sell your originals at high prices but there would be a large gap in time from when you sell your next piece.

By reproducing your paintings on canvas prints you would have a much larger inventory available to the public. Not only will you have all your originals for sale (if you so choose to) but you will also have quality copies of your originals available. You cannot sell if you do not have inventory. When you have giclee prints available more sales are made with less effort. With more inventory, you can also easily make yourself known to the public. The more you sell, the more of your work is out there and the more people know your name.


If you are a gifted, passionate and driven artist then you would surely benefit from reproducing your artwork as fine art canvas giclee prints. If you paint for a hobby, have fun with it and offer giclee prints as gifts! If you have an art business, printing on canvas would help your business grow to what you always imagined it to be.

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