Top Four Reasons Artists Should Reproduce Artwork on Canvas Prints

Are you a talented artist looking for a strategy that will increase your inventory, expand your client base, free up more time to create while increasing your revenue? As a painter, I’ve been given more artistic options, developed an impressive inventory, increased my client base, and expanded my notoriety from simply deciding to reproduce my artwork on canvas. Whether you are an artist that actively sells your work or an artist that paints for pure enjoyment, there are advantages to reproducing your artwork on canvas.



It is perfect in every way; the paint strokes, the colors, the composition. You’ve created another masterpiece. The sweet feeling of accomplishment sets in. But wait, you must give it away, you must sell it to your client. How will you let it go when you are attached to your new creation? It feels like giving away a part of yourself. All artists can relate to this dilemma, but if you reproduce your artwork on canvas, you will solve this issue and reap other benefits as well.

If the only existing pieces of your art are the originals then clients have no option but to purchase the original from you. However, if you reproduce your artwork on canvas, you can give them the option to purchase a giclee canvas print of that exact image. You won’t have to give up your original, thus sellers remorse won’t set in after the sale.

Keep in mind, it can work the other way as well. If the client is dead set on purchasing an original, you can make a canvas print for yourself. Once you have a digital image of your painting, you can print as many