Art shows are special events where photographers get to represent their body of work to the public. Only during an art show can a photographer display a full gallery, show off personality, tell their artistic story and shake the hands of customers. When it all comes together in one event you want to show your photography off in the best way possible. Offering your photography as gallery-wrapped canvas prints is the most classic and professional way of presenting your work. This article will explain why offering canvas prints gives the photographer a selling advantage over offering paper prints.

At First Sight:

By printing your images on canvas you are offering your photography in a museum quality read-to-hang package. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are easy on the eyes because they are clean, sleek looking pieces of wall art. Richly colored, fade-resistant inks laid on top of a thick canvas, which is wrapped tightly around wooden stretcher bars is the prime example of sophistication when it comes to displaying photography.

Canvas prints are also non-reflective. Unlike paper prints with a glass cover frame, a canvas print will not create a glare when viewed from certain angles. This is of high importance during an art show, because onlookers are walking by from different directions. If people cannot clearly see your inventory from the sidewalk, they may miss that one piece that would catch their interest and lead them to visit your booth. The first step to making a sale is to draw in the customers to your booth. Only if they enter, will you have a possibility of a sale.