Secret to Selling Photography at Art Shows: Offer Canvas Prints

Jun 29, 2023Photo Printing

Art shows are special events where photographers get to represent their body of work to the public. Only during an art show can a photographer display a full gallery, show off personality, tell their artistic story and shake the hands of customers. When it all comes together in one event you want to show your photography off in the best way possible. Offering your photography as gallery-wrapped canvas prints is the most classic and professional way of presenting your work. This article will explain why offering canvas prints gives the photographer a selling advantage over offering paper prints.

At First Sight

By printing your images on canvas you are offering your photography in a museum quality read-to-hang package. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are easy on the eyes because they are clean, sleek looking pieces of wall art. Richly colored, fade-resistant inks laid on top of a thick canvas, which is wrapped tightly around wooden stretcher bars is the prime example of sophistication when it comes to displaying photography.

Canvas prints are also non-reflective. Unlike paper prints with a glass cover frame, a canvas print will not create a glare when viewed from certain angles. This is of high importance during an art show, because onlookers are walking by from different directions. If people cannot clearly see your inventory from the sidewalk, they may miss that one piece that would catch their interest and lead them to visit your booth. The first step to making a sale is to draw in the customers to your booth. Only if they enter, will you have a possibility of a sale. 

art show booth displaying photography on canvas prints




worker checking quality of mini size canvas printsTouchable Inventory

Photos printed on canvas  are easier and safer for handling than paper prints. When customers browse inventory they not only like to look but to touch as well. Having your photography as sturdy, strong canvas prints allows the customer to get more personal with their future purchase. Customers can touch and feel the quality of the canvas product without worrying that it may get bent or scratched. With the high quality of a canvas print, any customer would be impressed once they get a closer look at the product. This second interaction with the products will heighten the possibility of a sale. 

Sizing Options

As a professional photographer, you want to offer your images in a variety of sizes to cater to a broader market. The more size options available to customers, the more likely they are to purchase your print. If they have a particular size in mind, you’d be able to offer that size and their decision to go with that print would remain open. By printing on canvas, you have to option to print a variety of sizes including mini, standard, panoramic or extra large. Depending on the aspect ratio of your image, your canvas print can be printed to a larger or smaller size which corresponds to that aspect ratio.

Now, if you were to print on paper you would also have many sizing options as well. The only difference is, you would have difficulty finding a frame for the many ranges of sizes. Say you wanted to print an extra large panoramic photo. It is very difficult to find large enough frames for that paper print. It is also not particularly easy to find small frames that fit very small size prints. Printing on canvas allows you to print a variety of sizes that are ready to hang and don’t require the extra time and cost of finding a frame.

booth at art show


A Finished Product

Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are designed ready-to-hang with hanging wire already installed on the canvas back. This makes the product customer friendly because the print can be purchased, brought home and hung on the wall instantly.

There are no extra steps to prepare the canvas print for installation. With paper prints, that must be matted and framed, there is always an extra step and more cost. Whether you sell your paper prints matted and framed, or you leave it to the customer to frame their paper print later, it is still more cost and time spent to complete the product for either party. However, with canvas prints, the customer does not have to think down the road when making the purchase. They don’t have to dread spending extra money and time in order to frame the print they just purchased. A gallery-wrapped canvas print is ready-to-hang when you hand it over to the customer. The less effort, time and cost for the customer, the more intriguing a product is.

Back of Canvas Print with Hanging Hardware

High Quality & Affordable

Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are high quality, professional products that are fairly inexpensive. Compared to a paper print reproduction, a gallery-wrapped canvas print is more affordable when you take into account the cost to frame and matte the paper print. It would cost no less than $100 to frame and matte a standard size paper print. The time and cost put in to finding a frame to fit the art and the decor is also considered an expense. You have the monetary expense of the actual purchase and the time to search the perfect frame at different framing outlets.  A 24×30 canvas print is around $100 for the finished product which is ready to hang on the wall. This is a decent size print which would be much more costly if it was paper that had to be framed and matted later. 

By reproducing your photographs as gallery-wrapped canvas prints at art shows, you are offering a highly sellable product to your consumers. Your chance to sell grows exponentially!


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Article by Shanthi Thiruppathi