Everyone loves the creative challenge of turning a room into a comfortable living space. We all like a change in some manner, whether it be re-arranging the furniture or deciding to paint the walls for a fresh, new look. If you are decorating a single room or an entire home, take into account the foundation of interior design. The single element that all further design decisions are based upon; Color.

When deciding on a color theme for a room, consider the psychology of color. Color evokes a range of emotions from calmness to excitement, spontaneity to balance and love to sorrow. The most simple color comparison to start with is black and white. We all have the same worldwide opinion on what these two colors stand for. White represents purity, hope, innocence and goodness. Black represents danger, fear, sadness and evil. But there is more meaning to these colors than our ‘black & white’ perception of them. When it comes to interior design, colors can have both negative and positive effects. For example, a