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What is a giclée print?

Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a term created by a printmaker in 1991 based on the French verb “gicler” which means to squirt or spray a liquid. Giclée has come to mean any high resolution inkjet print produced on large format printers from a computer generated file. Giclée fine art reproductions may be canvas prints or fine art paper prints.  Giclée fine art printing provides a luminosity and brilliance that represents the artist’s original artwork better than any fine art reproduction technique available today.  Combined with the finest quality canvas and inks, giclée fine art reproductions rival original artwork in beauty and detail. Fine art giclée prints have become the print method of choice for professional photographers, artists, publishers of fine art, and museums who demand high quality fine art reproductions.  Prominent art museums such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Guggenheim, Smithsonian Institute, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have hosted exhibitions featuring fine art giclée prints. We specialize in museum grade canvas printing. Canvas Giclée Printing offers the highest quality museum grade canvas printing services anywhere!

How long do giclée prints last?

Many factors including humidity, extreme temperatures and light intensity affect the longevity of printed art. A giclée print which is stored in normal conditions should last 100 years or more. Our prints are produced using the finest canvas and solvent and lightfast inks resisting fading and will be around for 100 years! Canvas Giclée Printing guarantees every print we sell.

How can I get my Photos Printed on Canvas?

We specialize in printing photos on canvas. Your first step is uploading your digital file from your computer to our secure server. Then you choose your options by filling out our order form. Photographers who have manipulated and color corrected photos on a monitor that is not calibrated must provide a proof so that the canvas photo print will match the original photograph. When we receive your digital files our professional printing staff will personally speak with you about any color adjustments you may need to match the proof you supply. Our online canvas photo printing company uses Epson large format printers and the best archival inks and canvas rated to last 100 years from fading.

What does high resolution or “Hi-Res” mean?

A high resolution photo is determined by its number of pixels. A pixel (picture element) is the smallest element of a digital image. Digital images are basically made of pixels. Higher pixel counts found in high resolution photos mean more digital information is available resulting in sharper images and high quality giclée prints.

Can you print a photo from my smartphone or my iphone on canvas?

Absolutely! Many of the new smartphones and the iphone have amazing cameras which produce surprisingly sharp photos. We can definitely print your smartphone photo or iphone photo on canvas so you can enjoy your canvas print on your wall!

Can I get a giclée print of a photograph if I don’t have a digital file or a negative?

Yes you can!. Just send us your photograph and we will create a digital file using our professional high resolution digital camera. Our professional online printing service will turn your original into a

canvas photo print or a fine art paper giclée.

How is Artwork Reproduced as a Fine Art Giclée?

The steps necessary in fine art reproduction include photographing the artwork providing the highest resolution digital file possible, implementing color corrections, and providing you with one 11″x14″ proof (if requested) using the same inks and canvas or fine art paper which will be used for your full fine art giclée print. At Canvas Giclée Printing, we produce a high resolution digital capture using the Hasselblad HD4-50 megapixel system. Our printing method is digital-to-digital using special solvent and pigmented waterproof inks archival rated to last 100 years or more.  Our GS6000 canvas wide format printers and Epson 9900 paper printers are top of the line machines that produce state of the art prints. The printing production steps used to create a master digital file require a one-time set up fee. High resolution digital capture of original artwork includes color correction and one 11″x14″ proof if requested.

I am an artist.  Should I copy my own original artwork?