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Customize Your Canvas Prints: the Easiest Order Experience on the Web

July 12, 2024

Are you looking for a printing company to turn your work into stunning canvas prints? There are several canvas printing companies online which offer print reproduction services but fail to create a simple and efficient ordering process for customers. The order process for a personalized canvas print should not confuse and discourage customers and this seems to be a pattern with some of the top canvas print companies on the web.

Have you ever become frustrated with a slow uploader? Have you felt disoriented with the presentation of the options you are given for designing your print? Does the website disappoint when you find out you cannot edit or manipulate your own image? Whether you are a one time customer or a professional artist, the first and most important step to personalizing your canvas print is the order process. Canvas Giclee Printing recognizes the importance of a user friendly ordering process and has implemented a system that surpasses other top canvas printing companies on the web. With easy navigation, fast uploads and an abundance of options, the simplest ordering experience awaits you!

Although the order process is self explanatory, we would like to walk you through the steps in detail to show you how we cater to our customer’s needs.

  1. Visit canvasgicleeprinting.com. canvas print order button
  2. Click the ‘Get Started’ button
  3. Upload a high resolution image
  4. After a speedy upload, you will be directed to a single page with all the steps necessary for order completion. Your image will be displayed large and clear so you can see how different options you select will affect the image.
  5. Adjust Your Image: Re-upload a new image or Rotate the existing image.
  6. Name Your Image
  7. Choose Your Size:

A list of sizes will be generated based on the resolution and aspect ratio of the uploaded image. The higher the image resolution, the more size options you will have to choose from.
A list of standard sizes are provided as an option as well. When you click on a standard size that falls out of the aspect ratio of the image, the image will be cropped automatically. You may choose the position of the crop by moving the mouse along the image.
The option to customize a size is also available. Type in a desired custom size. You will see the image will be cropped automatically. You may choose the position of the crop by moving the mouse along the image.

8. Choose Your Style:

  • Image Type: Canvas or Paper
  • Stretched or Rolled
  • If Stretched, choose a wrap size: 0.75 inch or 1.5 inch

Mirrored: A portion of all four edges are cloned to the side wrap. No part of the image is lost to the face of the canvas. This works well with images where the subject is near the center of the picture and far away from the edges.

Image Wrap: The full image will continue to the edges of the wrap resulting in a portion of the image lost to the sides of the canvas. This works well with a picture that has no critical information near the edges.

Color Wrap: The wrap design is a basic solid color. When selecting color wrap, the prominent colors in the picture is chosen by default but you can easily change the colors by selecting any color of your choice.

After choosing the specs of your custom canvas print, you will be directed to a page with the summary of your order where you can edit the quantity ordered, add another image and apply discount codes.

The next page is the checkout where you input billing and shipping information. Once you submit the order, a receipt will be sent to your email. Your order should be completed within three to five business days.

We ensure the easiest canvas print ordering process on the web. Our team is always here to speak with you if you have any questions about your order.

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