OBA Free Canvas: The Best Print Canvas for Professional Photographers

Jun 30, 2023URTH Canvas

As a professional artist, your current goal is most likely to make a name for yourself in the art world … while you are still living that is. Whether or not this happens, one thing is for sure. Your art will outlive you. You may not want to think this far ahead but your art is a testament to your life’s work. So a question you will want to ask is ‘how to protect canvas prints from fading?’

How Long do Canvas Prints Last?

The longevity of the canvas is determined by the archival properties of the canvas and inks. It is important to print your art using canvas and inks designed to last a lifetime without fading. Using a canvas with a built in coating that makes it UV protective, moisture and abrasion resistant will keep it looking vibrant through time. Printing with archival inks will also ensure the color fidelity of the canvas print. Archival inks are ‘light fast’ meaning the inks can withstand exposure to direct sunlight and resist fading. Tested by Wilhelm Research these light fast inks are designed to last 100 plus years.

But In order for a material to be completely ‘archival,’ it must not contain any additives or agents known for accelerated deterioration such as optical brighteners. This brings us to an issue with canvas that has a protective coating but is not entirely resistant to UV rays because it includes this particular agent that compromises the archival properties of the canvas.

Optical Brighteners in Prints and Canvas

Optical brighteners (OBAs), are chemicals added to paper and canvas mediums for the intent of making the whites of the substrate look brighter to the eye which overall makes the printed image and colors look more vibrant. However, these agents decrease the archival qualities of the print by accelerating the fading process and the yellowing of the whites. To ensure your canvas prints retain their true colors for a lifetime, you will want to look for OBA free canvas.

OBA Free Canvas – URTH Canvas

You may be wondering if you choose an OBA free canvas, will your image not have the color brilliancy of a print with optical brighteners? The recent introduction of a new canvas will now remove this worry for good! URTH canvas is the world’s first solvent canvas with archival certification by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Manufactured by the leading canvas supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, Breathing Color® uses breakthrough technology of agent-free Fluorescent Whitening and Chromata white to create a canvas free of optical brighteners while still producing canvas prints with bright whites and true vivid colors that will not fade or yellow over time.

Specifications of URTH Canvas

  • For Solvent, UV, and Latex Ink Printers
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Base
  • Basis Weight: 400 gsm
  • Thickness: 22 mil
  • OBA-free, yet still bright white
  • Archival Certified
  • Gloss and satin finishes
  • Absolute incredible detail
  • Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax

Pro Photo Labs that Offer URTH Canvas

Canvas Giclee Printing is one of the few professional digital printing services that offers Urth canvas along with many other services for professional artists. Browse some of the best canvas prints reviews by satisfied customers who used Canvas Giclee Printing as their professional print lab. Order an artist proof to begin your print project.