Nature Photographer Geoff Coe

May 28, 2013Digital Photography

One of our favorite customers, professional nature photographer Geoff Coe, is living his dream. After working as a wedding and commercial photographer for many years in Washington, DC, Geoff shed his suit and moved to southwestern Florida in 2004. There he quickly discovered that kayaking is a perfect way to photograph birds in their natural habitats and a new passion was revealed.tri-colored heron by Geoff Coe Armed with his Canon digital SLR and telephoto lens, Geoff began paddling the beautiful flat waters abundant in southwestern Florida capturing incredible photos of birds in the wild. No longer could he distinguish work from play as he honed his skills as a bird photographer.

Nature Photographer Geoff Coe

Geoff joined the Florida outdoor art festival scene in 2008 and quickly became recognized for both his talent and his vast knowledge about photographing birds. His ability to understand and anticipate bird behavior and get these elusive feathered beauties to come close to him is uncanny. He has won numerous awards for his amazing images which can be seen at

Every summer Geoff travels up the coast to spend some time shooting and exhibiting along the Northeast coast. Recently he stopped by our Canvas Giclee Printing studio on his way north. We had a great visit and were able to sit with Geoff and fine tune his new images before printing his photos on canvas. We pride ourselves on developing this type of one on one, personal relationship with our professional photogaphers and professional artists so that we can cater to their individual needs.

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