Lighting Resources

May 15, 2014Advice and Tips

Arri group, maybe best known for their Alexa camera, also makes some of the best lights out there. To assist their customers with going through the paces of lighting, they created the Arri Lighting Handbook, a comprehensive resource on lighting for video.

While there are some differences between video and still lighting, there are also a lot of similarities, and the handbook is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn and understand how lighting works.

The handbook tackles lighting basics like hard light vs soft light; intensity and color, key, fill, separation & background lights and lots and lots of diagrams and examples.

While, to actually purchase any of the lights that appear in the book, you’ll probably need to talk to your bank manager (Arri is top quality and top dollar), the information provided applies to more accessible lights as well. Cowboy Studio is another resource for photography lighting.

Here is a sample of one of setups in the book:

Photography Lighting and Arri Group