How to Turn Holiday Photos into A Canvas Gift Keepsake

Nov 7, 2014Photo Printing

Are you looking for a unique, sentimental, and forever lasting holiday gift? A personalized canvas print is the perfect type of gift to give your loved ones. Whether it be a group family portrait or a spontaneous moment captured on camera, you can turn your photos into museum quality canvas prints! Your gift receiver will treasure this present for years to come.

How To Put Your Photo On Canvas: Once you have chosen the photo that most speaks to your heart, you are ready to put it on canvas.


Choose a Standard or Custom Size

Find a custom canvas printing company that offers a variety of sizes for your canvas print. From standard to custom dimensions you will have an array of size options to choose from. Miniature size canvas prints are ideal for gift giving. If the canvas print is a surprise gift, then a mini size print may be the way to go. The receiver of the gift is likely to have a space available in their home to hang a print of smaller size. Smaller prints are also easier and more affordable to ship. Leave a little gift on their doorstep! A mini print is the perfect size to show you care.

Does your gift recipient have a lot of empty wall space that needs to be spruced up with some art? If so, consider the larger size canvas prints. Find a printing company that offers extra large format printing. Don’t be afraid to give the photo justice by printing it on a large scale. If the digital image is of high resolution it can be blown up to very large sizes and still retain full clarity.

The available sizes that you can incrementally increase your image will depend on the aspect ratio of the original size. For example an 8 x 10 can go up to sizes 12 x 15, 16 x 20, 24 x 30, 32 x 40, 36 x 45, 40 x 50, 48 x 60 and so on. Divide the length by width to get the aspect ratio. In this case the ratio is 0.8 for all of the above sizes.  When you chose a size that falls out of the aspect ratio, your image will have to be cropped to fit that particular size. Make sure the printers are willing to work with the image to make it fit an abnormal ratio.

Design the Edge Wrap

If you custom sizing for your print, you will also need  a custom size frame to fit your image. It is not easy to find a frame that will fit a customized size print. This is where the gallery-wrapped canvas print comes in as an easy gift to personalize.

After your image gets printed on canvas, wooden frames are custom built to fit your custom size. The canvas is then tightly wrapped around the wooden stretcher bar then stapled and taped for the finished touch. Much experience and skill goes into this step to create a fine art product.

With a gallery-wrapped canvas print there is no need for an exterior frame. This cuts down on cost as frames are extremely expensive! It also cuts down on the time that you would spend searching for a frame to fit the exact size of your custom print.

Not only does a gallery-wrapped print save time and money, but it allows for more creativity. The canvas is wrapped around the edges of a wooden frame. This leaves for more printable surface space. You can chose how to design the edge wrap of your canvas wrapped print.  For the illusion of a frame, choose a solid color for the wrap. For a more continuous look choose a mirrored edge wrap.  A gallery-wrapped canvas print, with printed edges is a more artistic and modern way of displaying art than using traditional frames.