Digital Photo Printing to Canvas – Turn Photos into Art

Jun 30, 2023Advice and Tips, Art Copy Service, Artist, Canvas Printing, Digital Photography

DCCThe best means to create as well as transform a favorite photo into a striking piece of photo art for display as wall art is to make a canvas print from digital pictures. Digital photo printing to canvas is also useful for custom tailored presents such as art prints for a wedding celebration, anniversary gifts, etc.

There are a few important things you must understand prior to turning over your electronic images to a digital photo printing service for ordering a canvas print online.

The quality of your canvas will inevitably depend on the dimensions and the quality of the original picture you send. For instance, with a digital camera that produces high 5 Megapixel resolution photos, canvas print sizes up to 35″ x 46″ can be dependably reproduced for digital printing. And if you’re curious about our large printing capabilities, check out our large canvas prints page to see what’s possible for printing extra large canvases.

On the other end of the spectrum of print sizes, a reduced 2 Megapixel resolution image can be accurately used as long as you are willing to accept smaller prints. Fortunately, our easy order process at Canvas Giclee Printing will tell you what size prints can be reliably reproduced after you have uploaded your digital image. Ultimately, to get the very best top quality digital print on canvas, it is recommended to set your camera to the highest resolution feasible, and also carefully pick a canvas dimension that is ideal for the photo.

Another possibility, though not our top recommendation, is to publish photos taken with analog/conventional cameras for electronic print on canvas by scanning them. The quality of the resulting print will certainly depend on the dimensions and quality of the scanned image. So, bear in mind to inspect just what dpi your photo will be scanned at to identify your preferred size of print on canvas. Most digital image printing services can do the scanning for you, but beware when doing it on your own … you may save a few dollars but lose out in the end if the quality of the finished product is not sufficient to put on display.

In an ideal scenario if you have an original piece of artwork or a print that you need reproduced, you can send it to our studio and let us handle the details. To insure the quality of the finished product, we have the necessary technology and experience to accurately reproduce your original including the proper lighting, color balancing and image resolution. We will return your original and your new canvas print copy in perfect condition ready to hang on the wall or resell to a client if you are a professional artist.

There are a couple of points you should look for prior to doing business with a digital photo printing service. According to Top Ten REVIEWS, these are the standards to review electronic picture printing services:

Ease of Purchase — The digital picture printing solution ought to supply clients with fast ordering actions that are very easy to follow.

High Quality Canvas Print Reproduction — The initial digital photo needs to be duplicated with the closest similarity on the print.

Pricing — Cost reductions and price cuts need to be supplied for mass orders as well as pre-paid orders.

Delivery Prices — Delivery costs must be maintained to a minimum.

Turnaround Time — There should be a quick turn-around time without charging added costs.

For museum-quality digital photo printing to canvas at great prices with quick turnaround, contact Canvas Giclee Printing. We are a team of expert photographers and artists ourselves with years of experience, and it is our passion to help fellow photographers and artists bring their work to life as canvas wall art. Click the GET STARTED button and see what we can create for you.