Decorating with Canvas Prints – Innovative Ideas for the Workplace

Jun 29, 2023Advice and Tips

Decorating with Canvas Prints – Innovative Ideas for the Workplace

What is the one thing that most business’s fail to put as a priority? It is the key to first impressions and last impressions. You may be missing this in your workplace. It is your surroundings – the visual working environment. Bring life, love and art into the workplace. An innovative way to add beauty back into ‘business’ is to design the workplace with inspiring canvas prints. Printing giclees on canvas has become a popular form of art for interior design. Adding art to the surrounding walls of a work environment will have a positive effect on all who enter for business. Employees and customers alike will feel welcomed when stunning art stares back at them. For employees, decorate with the intent of creating their second home. For customers, design for an inviting and intriguing look to welcome them in. This article introduces five innovative ideas for designing the workplace with gallery-wrapped custom canvas prints.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors with Canvas Prints

One popular subject to print on canvas for any indoor area is an outdoor landscape. Professional artists and photographers have been depicting landscapes since the Renaissance. We all want to see the sun, admire the mountains, and hear the ocean from an enclosed area. The best one can do to bring this unattainable nature indoors is to print your favorite landscape on canvas. Choose a spacious wall and print a size large enough to give the majestic scenery justice. Customizing a canvas print gives you an abundance of options as you can choose any location and reproduce that image on canvas.

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Print the Staff on Canvas

The foundation of a business is the workers. The individuals who build, operate, sustain and grow companies are living and walking business statements. One classic way to design the workplace is to print portraits of these important people. The hallways of an office building can become a gallery of your business directors. The waiting room of a doctors office can introduce the patients to their doctor before even shaking hands. A calming and personal relationship overall will develop when customers can first identify the person they are about to meet when they walk through the doors.

Canvas Prints for Office Make Your Walls Talk

Printing meaningful words on canvas is one way to inspire people. Customize on canvas your business statement, motto or slogan in an artistic manner and your customers will immediately know what you stand for. Or choose a general but inspiring statement that the employees will see everyday and will constantly be reminded of their goals. Choose a readable font on a simplistic background so that its easily read and understood. Give silent walls a voice with printing profound words on canvas prints.

Print your Product on Canvas

Advertising for your business doesn’t have to stop once a customer walks through your doors. Continue to market your product or service on the walls of your office building. Take high resolution photos of your products and display them on canvas prints! Get closeups and creative angles of your product to make it look as desirable and irresistible as possible. This can work with many types of products. If you are a restaurant, display your tasty meals on canvas. If you sell clothing, get vogue shots of models wearing your designs. If it is a service you offer, schedule a photo shoot of your employees working happily with customers. Show how well the customer service is through the composition of your photo. Make sure the employees and customers interact in a friendly manner. Show your customers what kind of service they are about to receive.

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Personalize Your Office Art with Photos Printed on Canvas

Bring a piece of your identity and heart into the workplace. Family and friends are what we live for and its not easy to spend so much time away from them. A creative way to keep their essence close is to have photographic prints hanging in your personal office. Framed photos on the desk does not leave much room for supplies and writing space. The best way to have photos of family in your office is to print them on canvas and hang them on nearby walls. This also allows for more size options. Don’t go as far as printing them life size! But you can have a decent size print where you can clearly see and feel the love from their smiles. Customizable canvas printing is a great option for designing the workplace to fit the needs of employees and customers. You can upscale the look and feel of the business when stunning canvas prints are part of its decor.

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