Canvas Prints for Father’s Day

Jun 9, 2015Canvas Printing

Canvas Prints for Father’s Day

A father’s love is strong, loyal and unbreakable. Father’s Day is the day when this love should be reciprocated. If you are a daughter, show your love towards the one man that will always be there for you. If you are a son, don’t be shy to show your love with a touching gesture! If you are a wife, give your husband something that will honor his love for your child. Give him an expressive gift that is forever lasting like his love. A gift that will genuinely surprise him because it is your unique and creative idea. That is a custom canvas print designed specially for Fathers Day.

Choose the Image

The first step to customizing a canvas print is choosing a photo. It can be a photo of you and dad posing together at that memorable baseball game or a photo of you both holding up that big fish you reeled in! It could be that moment mom captured as the two of you two played sports in the backyard. Choose a photo of a special moment in time that dad will hold dear to his heart. 

Upload the Image

Once you have an image in mind, click on the Get Started button to upload the image. Make sure to upload a high resolution image file. The higher the resolution, the more size options you will have to choose from.

Giclee photo for Father's Day

Print Sizing

Choosing the print size is a very easy process considering the many size options available. Standard sizes are listed based on the aspect ratio of the image you uploaded. It automatically calculates what sizes the image can be printed from mini size prints to large format prints. Type in a custom size, and you will see how the image changes to fit this size. Use the cropping tool to create your desired layout. Once you get the formatting the way you like it then choose the print medium.

Canvas & Stretcher Bar

For a canvas medium, you have the option of gloss or satin surface texture. Both types of canvas holds inks in a vibrant, clean, crisp manner. Gloss canvas has a bit more luster to it than satin canvas. After choosing your canvas type, decide on the stretcher bar thickness, 1.5 inch or 0.75 inch. The stretcher bar is made of strong, sturdy poplar wood and is custom built to fit your desired size. The canvas is wrapped tightly around the stretcher bar, stapled, taped and wired for a finishing clean-cut look.

Image Wrap

Next, decide on the image wrap design. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints allow for printing along the edges. There are three types of edge wrap designs: color wrap, image wrap or mirrored wrap. The color wrap design is a basic solid color. When selecting color wrap, the prominent colors in the picture are chosen by default but you can easily change the colors by selecting any color of your choice. With the image wrap design the full image will continue to the edges of the wrap resulting in a portion of the image lost to the sides of the canvas. This works well with a picture that has no critical information near the edges. With the mirrored wrap design, a portion of all four edges are cloned to the side wrap. No part of the image is lost to the face of the canvas. This works well with images where the subject is near the center of the picture and far away from the edges.

Ship the Print

After placing your order, you will await a museum quality, custom canvas print. The print is packaged with the utmost care and is ready-to-hang when arriving at your door. But what if you cannot personally hand the gift to dad? You have the option to ‘drop ship’ the print to your fathers house. Simply input his address as the shipping address and the canvas print will ship directly to his door. You can play secret admirer by leaving your name off the package. Let him guess which one of his loving children surprised him. If you are an only child, his guess will be quite easy!

Custom canvas prints are great keepsakes that will warm his heart.