When our pets play with their favorite toys, run wild and free in nature, or give you the doughy eyed look, one cannot resist taking snap shots of those moments. A popular way to eternalize these memories is to turn your photographs into stunning canvas prints. By creating canvas wall art, your pet’s personality can shine through your house forever. In order for the canvas print to be deserving of a place on your walls, you must get a little creative in your composition. Now we can all agree that animals are not the easiest subjects to photograph. Its a challenge to keep them still, to hold their attention, and to get a desired pose of any kind. That is … unless they are sleeping. If you want to capture your pets personality in the photo, you must approach the art of pet photography in a special way!


If at all possible, use natural light when photographing your pet. Avoid using flash for it can frighten your animal and even cause red-eye. Try going outside where there is natural, even sunlight. Or photograph them in a room well lit from a large window.


Position the camera to be level with the subject. If your pet is laying sprawled out on the floor, kneel down and angle the camera to be at their eye level. Show us how they see the world! This lends to a more powerful composition, thus photograph and canvas print. Pet Cat on Canvas Print


Give your animals their time and space to be natural. Patience is a key with photographing your pets. If want to capture their true personality, do not force them to pose. Let them act as they normally would and wait for the perfect shot. If your cat is a lazy feline, get him napping, yawning or stretching. If he is a playful, energetic cat, shoot him in action playing with his favorite toy.


Animals are extremely expressive in their eyes. Make sure to keep the focus on their eyes and ke