Artist of the Week: Anne Cunningham

Aug 12, 2013Artist

Happy Monday digital universe!  Starting today we here at Canvas Giclee Printing will be spotlighting a new artist or photographer every week.  If you or anyone you know would like to be included in our weekly spotlight please contact us, we want to hear from you!

“Every day is an experiment” – Anne Cunningham

Anne Cunningham received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State University and for nearly 15 years worked as an interior designer, often personalizing spaces by adding some of her own pieces of artwork, such as original paintings or hand-painted furniture, pillows or cushions. In the early 90s, Anne began to explore the use of metals—such as copper, brass, and aluminum—to create large and small free-form shapes.

Anne continually looks for new ways to texture and shape the metals, layering with   papers, weaving cut strips, applying inks, dyes, chemicals and paints. With no constricting boundaries, her work continues to change and evolve. Recently, Cunningham’s work was voted “Best of North Carolina Artists, First Place in Mixed Media”.  Anne lives in coastal North Carolina which provides inspiration for much of her work.  Her artwork has transitioned seamlessly to canvas and is printed exclusively for The Canvas Art Group for private collections, interior design and art galleries everywhere.

Window of Perception by Anne Cunningham
Artwork by Anne Cunningham