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Art For Commercial Spaces, Buildings and Offices

July 12, 2024
Art for Commercial Spaces building and offices

When decorating with art for commercial spaces, art directors have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a space through the use of canvas wall art. In fact, the selection of commercial art for buildings, offices and retail spaces can make all the difference in the ambience of these finished projects thus affecting the mood of those who enter it. When used correctly, art is an extremely powerful tool to have if you own a business, office space, hotels, restaurants etc.

While making creative decisions for a business, art directors must not only define the essence of a space but also the character of a company. Choosing corporate art to adorn the walls of commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, dance studios, convention centers and more, can be a sizable undertaking. And coordinating these large scale installation projects can be quite intimidating without a reliable partner in the canvas printing and framing business.

The logistics of a large operation requires considerable planning to ensure the project runs smoothly and the outcome reflects the desired vision. Art directors must consider several factors when choosing art for business, not the least of which is choosing a canvas printing company that can handle volume orders and large custom prints in a timely fashion. Canvas Giclee Printing specializes in large commercial art and large canvas print orders and can handle sizes all the way up to 54″ x 120.”

One of the first questions to ask when planning a commercial art decorating project is, “What type of art fits the project?” Here are a a few of the considerations when planning a large commercial art purchase.

Art for Restaurants

When someone enters a room, their first impression of the place is driven by sight. Art directors must ask their client, “What feelings do you want to evoke in your customers?” The answer depends entirely on the service or product provided by the business.

When decorating with art for restaurants, one may implement a color scheme prominent in yellows and oranges; colors that arouse feelings of hunger. Or really make their taste buds tingle by designing wall art around photographs of the food dishes on your menu.

Ambiance is key. If a restaurant caters to romantic, dim lit dinners, the appropriate wall art would have to match. The feeling the wall art and the lighting brings is crucial to the overall feel of a space. At Canvas Giclee Printing, we can help you achieve the feel you are going for through our excellent one-on-one customer service.

Art for Hospitals

If you are working on a hospital project, it may be wise to choose artwork that helps relax the patients and staff. Photographs or paintings of sunrises and calm beaches are typical scenes that induce peaceful thoughts. Canvas Giclee Printing has a vast print library perfect for hospital art and we look forward to assisting with the selection, printing and delivery of your art.

Art for Office, Hotel or Corporate Building

If you need art for business and the corporate client is drawn towards abstract art, focus on art that has more calming colors such as purples, greens and blues. Pay attention to the scale of the building design as well. Large spaces will require large prints for balance. Hotel artwork, for example, may need to be fairly large in a lobby area with an open and airy atrium-style design.

Steps to narrow down your search for corporate or hospitality art:

  1. Define the service of the business
  2. Decide what mood the business wishes to convey
  3. Consider the styles of art and the psychology of color

Once you have an idea of what kind of commercial wall art would suit the project, take it to the next step and ask yourself questions geared towards the source of the art. “Where can I browse for art for business? Should I take new photos specific to the project?” Once you answer these questions, more questions will arise. “If I take new photos, can I print them at any size? Can I print this image big enough to fit this wall?” And so on…

The answers to these questions lie in a canvas printing company that offers a variety of customizable options. The more options available, the easier it will be to meet the needs of your client. CanvasGicleePrinting.com is a print reproduction company that offers custom options such as large canvas prints for your print project.

Turn Your Photos into Canvas Prints

CanvasGicleePrinting.com also allows you to get creative and turn your own photos or artwork into gallery-wrapped canvas prints. When deciding on art for commercial spaces, it is sometimes wise to take your own photographs to control what fits the project.

If you are struggling to find large canvas prints for offices, take your photos representing what the company does whether it be providing a service or manufacturing a product. If the company is an agricultural financial lending company, hire a photographer to take agricultural shots of outdoor farms to hang in the offices. This company spirit will keep the employees inspired!

Going back to the restaurant job, if you want to hang canvas prints of the food dishes from the menu, it is possible and easy to do! All you need to begin the project is a high resolution digital image bank of photos. You can take the shots yourself or hire a photographer for your food photoshoot. Once you have high resolution images you can begin your print order.

Custom Print Options

Custom Designs:

Not only can you print your own artwork/photos for the project, but you can also customize the image wrap design of the gallery-wrapped prints. As a briefing, gallery-wrapped prints means the printed canvas is wrapped tightly around a wooded stretcher bar frame that is either 0.75 or 1.5 inches thick. This creates an edge on all four sides which will have a printed design. CanvasGicleePrinting.com’s custom options don’t stop there. You can choose between gloss, satin or metallic canvas. And if you require a paper print job, we offer fine-art paper in four different textures: Gloss, Matte, Metallic and Textured Watercolor.

There are two options for the image wrap design:

  1. Mirrored Image Wrap: The image that appears on the face of the canvas is cloned or mirrored to all four sides. This means you don’t loose any part of the image to the edges of the print. This design option is the most popular because it creates a continuous, modern look. This design choice is perfect for high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies and commercial spaces.
  2. Colored Image Wrap: The edges of the canvas are a solid color of your choice. You can select any color you wish using the color sampler tool. Or you can use the color picker tool to choose a color from the image itself to make sure the edges perfectly complement or match the main colors of the image.
  3. Image Overflow: The printed image wraps around the side of the canvas, thus loosing a portion of the image to the sides.

Custom Framing

If you plan on framing the canvas print, the image wrap design will not matter because you won’t see the edges of the print. CanvasGicleePrinting.com offers floater frame options for a more traditional look. We offer floater frames in four different colors: White, Black, Black & Gold, Black & Silver. Floater frames is an additional expense but if you have room left in your budget the option is there for you!

Custom Sizes & Quantities

Commercial installation projects most often require decorating more than one space with walls varying in size. Just think about the plethora of rooms in a hotel, the never-ending hallways in a hospital and the giant walls of a convention center. Two things are for certain, you will need to order a variety of custom sizes in bulk quantities.

CanvasGicleePrinting.com’s service goes beyond the standard print sizes, allowing you to print your art at custom sizes. When you upload your image, a list of sizes will be generated based on the aspect ratio and resolution of the image you just uploaded. If you want to print this image outside of its native aspect ratio, you can crop it to your desired size with our cropping tool. Once you place the order, we print the image on canvas and custom build stretcher bar frames to fit the size.

Before choosing art for commercial buildings, you will have to decide where to buy large artwork. CanvasGicleePrinting.com is one of the few printing companies in the United States that specializes in large format printing. Our Epson (GS6000, Surecolor S70675, GS9900, and 11880) printers are 60 inches in width, which allows for a 54 inch wide print, after the image wrap. The largest printable size is 54 x 120 inches.

Input a size into our custom calculator to view pricing and shipping estimates.

Easy Installation

Coordinating the installation of a commercial project can be a daunting task. The great thing about gallery-wrapped canvas prints is they are assembled ready-to-hang, with sawtooth, nails and hanging wire. When you receive the prints at your door, there is no extra effort needed on your part to prepare them for installation. Gallery-wrapped prints are also less heavy than prints with traditional frames. The lighter the prints, the easier it will be to hang them. This rings true especially for the large prints that are meant to hang up high. It will be easier and safer for those installing the art.

Interactive Customer Service

When organizing large print projects it is important to choose a printing company that will be interactive with their customers. The team at CanvasGicleePrinting.com is available to speak with one-on-one. Our staff is comprised of talented artists themselves who are business minded, creative and friendly. They represent photographers, painters, graphic designers and sculptors who can fully understand and appreciate your artistic vision.

Safe & Efficient Shipping

CanvasGicleePrinting.com puts emphasis on the safe transport of your canvas prints. Each print is placed in clear poly-bags with bubble corners for extra protection. The prints are then placed between padding and fit snug into a custom-built cardboard box.

Do you need to order and ship hundreds of canvas prints? Transporting super large quantities of canvas prints would be a big ordeal if it weren’t for CanvasGicleePrinting.com’s efficient and safe shipping methods. CanvasGicleePrinting.com utilizes POD’s Moving and Storage company for shipping bulk quantity orders. This is the cheapest and safest solution for shipping large print projects. All prints are placed inside a storage pod so the entire project will arrive in one shipment. No need to keep track of the number of shipments when everything ships together.

The storage pod arrives at the destination on a set date and is left there for as long as needed to empty the pod. If you are ordering large artwork for hospitals the pod can be dropped off at any wing of the building as long as there is enough space for a truck to pull up. If you are ordering large art prints for office buildings, it may be difficult to carry prints up the stairs to each suite but with the right help, you can easily transport gallery-wrapped canvas prints. Read more about shipping here.

Flexible Budgets

When purchasing art for commercial projects art directors often have to work within a budget set by their client. if you are wondering where to buy large art on canvas at affordable prices and still get the highest quality, CanvasGicleePrinting.com is the company to choose. Our clientele consists of professional artists and photographers who expect outstanding quality at prices low enough to leave them a margin for reselling. The canvas prints we produce need to represent our clients’ work to the utmost potential. That is why we use high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art printing equipment to create a product that is made to last 100+ years. Read more about the raw materials used in your canvas print here.

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