When decorating with art for commercial spaces, art directors have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a space through the use of canvas wall art. In fact, the selection of commercial art for buildings, offices and retail spaces can make all the difference in the ambience of these finished projects thus affecting the mood of those who enter it.

While making creative decisions for a business, art directors must not only define the essence of a space but also the character of a company. Choosing corporate art to adorn the walls of commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, dance studios, convention centers and more, can be a sizable undertaking. And coordinating these large scale installation projects can be quite intimidating without a reliable partner in the canvas printing and framing business.

The logistics of a large operation requires considerable planning to ensure the project runs smoothly and the outcome reflects the desired vision. Art directors must consider several factors when choosing art for business, not the least of which is choosing a canvas printing company that can handle volume orders and large custom prints in a timely fashion. Canvas Giclee Printing specializes in large commercial art and large canvas print orders and can handle sizes all the way up to 54″ x 120.”

One of the first questions to ask when planning a commercial art decorating project is, “What type of art fits the project?” Here are a a few of the considerations when planning a large commercial art purchase.

Art for Restaurants 

When someone enters a room, their first impression of the place is driven by s