We would like to share this very unique 3-d art work that arrived at our studio today!  The talented artist Joanna shipped us her original pieces for art copy service. As we unwrapped the package we gazed upon the most lovely, delicate creations we had ever seen. Joanna uses buttons of all shapes, sizes and colors to create lovely works of art. She has been collecting buttons since she was a child. Much of her collection is inherited from family, specifically her mother, grandmother and aunts. The majority of her collection are vintage buttons which have more meaning and value then regular buttons that can be found anywhere. Her desire to make button creations started when she realized her drawer was overflowing with hundreds of special buttons that should be looked upon and enjoyed instead of hiding in the dark. So she thought of an artistic way to show off the buttons by turning them into wall art. As her collection started dwindling, she began shopping in flea markets, antique malls and trading w