For many out there decorating their home, office, or other personal space is a task that can leave you with a headache, twenty unused catalogs, and a steep interior design bill.  While we absolutely love the designers we work with we also realize that most people want to create stunning rooms on their own not only to save money but to also have more control in the personalization of the themes, colors, and motifs.

So, for those looking to decorate on a budget but left staring at blank walls with no idea what to hang or display, here are 10 tips for selecting and hanging canvas prints – or simply wall art in general – that will add a display of rich colors and a level of intrigue to your rooms.


  •  Select your own colors based upon existing or soon-to-be-purchased home furniture and motif.

It isn’t absolutely essential to match your furniture to the actual colors of your prints, in many cases increasing your color palette through canvas prints can add an entirely new and fresh take on what you already have, the colors must complement each other generally in either a secondary or tertiary manner with varying shades being totally acceptable.  In many of today’s more abstract trends furniture and artwork combinations consist of a combination of complementary colors and designs. For this purpose, the artwork and furniture you choose should attempt to convey a color motif that plays on darks, lights, or a combination that suggests an element like the sea or perhaps the sunset. The room’s purpose can help you select its motif.

  • Choose print themes which match your tastes

Getting canvas prints nowadays is easier than ever. You can choose from a number of subjects, including abstract as well as nature prints.  However, photo to canvas and personalized prints are also becoming increasingly popular. If you’ve taken an especially spectacular photograph or prefer to decorate your home with photographs of your loved ones instead of traditional wall art, personalized prints and photo to canvas options allow you to do so in a unique and also sophisticated way.  Coupled with many filters and effects in photo editing software or cell phones available, a seemingly bland photo can be transformed into a vintage-looking image or adjusted in any way to match the space it will hang or be displayed.

  • Think about the room’s function before selecting a print.

The print images, photos, and colors you pick for a home office, for instance, are usually a lot different than the prints you decide on for a infant’s nursery. Colors have different properties and whether you believe it or not can have huge psychological effects. Some colors, like yellow, are calmi