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Canvas Price Chart

Canvas Print SizePrint Price RolledMounted on a .75"
Stretcher Bar
Mounted on a 1.5"
Stretcher Bar
8 X 10$15.00 $15.00$26.00$26.00$29.00$29.00
8 X 12$15.00 $15.00$27.00$27.00$30.00$30.00
12 X 12$15.00 $15.00$29.00$29.00$33.00$33.00
11 X 14$20.00 $20.00$35.00$35.00$39.00$39.00
12 X 16$25.00 $25.00$42.00$42.00$46.00$46.00
12 X 18$26.00 $26.00$44.00$44.00$49.00$49.00
16 X 20$27.00 $27.00$48.00$48.00$54.00$54.00
16 X 24$32.00 $32.00$56.00$56.00$62.00$62.00
20 X 20$33.00 $33.00$57.00$57.00$63.00$63.00
18 X 24$36.00 $36.00$61.00$61.00$68.00$68.00
20 X 24$40.00 $40.00$66.00$66.00$73.00$73.00
24 X 24$48.00 $48.00$76.00$76.00$84.00$84.00
20 X 30$50.00 $50.00$80.00$80.00$88.00$88.00
24 X 32$64.00 $64.00$97.00$97.00$106.00$106.00
24 X 36$72.00 $72.00$107.00$107.00$117.00$117.00
30 X 40$100.00 $100.00$141.00$141.00$153.00$153.00
36 X 36$108.00 $108.00$150.00$150.00$162.00$162.00
38 X 38$120.00 $120.00$165.00$165.00$177.00$177.00
36 X 48$144.00 $144.00$193.00$193.00$207.00$207.00
36 X 54$162.00 $162.00$215.00$215.00$230.00$230.00
40 X 50$167.00 $167.00$220.00$220.00$235.00$235.00
40 X 60$200.00 $200.00$259.00$259.00$275.00$275.00

Please use our Custom Order Form for these Large Size Prints

44 X 66$242.00 $242.00$307.00$307.00$325.00$325.00
48 X 72$288.00 $288.00$358.00$358.00$378.00$378.00
50 X 75$313.00 $313.00$386.00$386.00$407.00$407.00
52 X 78$338.00 $338.00$414.00$414.00$436.00$436.00
54 X 81$365.00 $365.00$444.00$444.00$467.00$467.00

NOTE: OUR MAX SIZE ON ANY ASPECT RATIO IS UP TO: 54 X 120: Please Call for Quote.

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Loyal Customer Discounts: Discounts are offered to our loyal customers. Customers who place repeat orders on a timely basis will receive a permanent discount on all orders. Loyal customer discounts start at 10% off print orders.

Beware of Steep Discounts: You may have come across several online canvas printing companies who offer steep discounts starting from 30 percent to as high as 85 percent off. The only way to offer these discounts is to increase the base price and slash it back down. This fools the customer into believing they are receiving a great deal. Easy way to entice new, one-time customers but insults the intelligence of professional artists and photographers who deserve to know the true monetary value of the printing service they are receiving. This advertising tactic is one which we refuse to participate with our competitors because we are printers for the professional. We value customers who stay with us to the future so we lay it out simple and true. Steep discounts do not guarantee a quality product so when searching for a printing company be sure to search for information on why their quality and service exceeds others and then compare pricing. Remember the old adage which truly pertains to this industry “you get what you pay for”.


Product: There is no possible way to create a canvas print that is of higher quality than what we offer. The fit and finish of our gallery-wrapped canvas prints are made from the quality raw materials, state-of-the-art printing equipment and assembled by the most skillful craftsmen.

Options: The custom canvas size options are endless. We are one of the few printers that offer customizable canvas print sizing and extra large format printing.

Service: Our professional and passionate staff work with you to develop a vision for your canvas print. Our customer service team is patient, informative and friendly.

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